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Shtula Metal-G is a leading approved supplier for the aerospace industry, and has developed 4 main areas of specialization:

Precision machining of exotic alloys, aluminum, titanium and composite material. The five-axis CNC machining center enables 3D machining of various parts, including especially large parts up to 4x4.5 m in size.
System integration work and subassembly of aviation parts.
Finishing work of the highest standard for aviation parts manufactured by our clients.
Planning and production of steel constructions and work platforms for the aviation industry maintenance and assembly lines.

The parts manufactured at Shtula Metal-G are geared towards production and improvement projects for different aircraft.
The following are examples of parts manufactured by the company:

Structural components.
Airplane window frames.
Various types of sockets and other mounting devices.
Electronic device compartments.
Flow rate regulators for hydraulic systems.
Lifting devices and access platforms: static, adjustable and motorized.

The company’s engineering department assists and supports the client during the design stages. This is in order to simplify and enhance the production process, and to make them more efficient and cost-effective. The engineering department is utilizing advanced engineering tools including design software such as Solid Works, Catia, and Cimatron. Furthermore, the company’s quality control system accompanies the clients, ensuring compliance with their requirements at every stage of the supply chain.

Shtula Metal G is ISO 9001-2000 and AS 9100 certified, ensuring compliance with the stringent standards required in the aviation industry, and is an approved supplier for the Ministry of Defense and Israel Aerospace Industries. The company is also working towards completing its certification process for the following standards: the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management systems, and the ISO 18001 occupational health and safety standard, as well as other targeted certifications specific to the automotive industry.

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