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Although it is a privately owned company, Shtula Metal G is managed by a board of directors and a professional and highly experienced management team with extensive and diverse experience in the industry.
Shimshon Hatan,Owner and Chairman of the board.
Roni Hatan, CEO
Previous Positions: Consultant for Aviv Ltd.
Doron Shadmi, Sales and Marketing Manager
Education: BA Economics and Business Management.
Previous Positions: CEO Matechet Ma’ayan, CEO Eshet Eilon Agro Industrial Systems.
Albert Asulin, Financial Manager
Education: Qualified accountant
Previous Positions: accountant at Dimar for 26 years, Customer and supplier manager at Zoglovek Nahariya, Loan department manager at Nahariya municipality.
Avi Erlich, Engineering Manager
Education: PHD Mechanical Engineering.
Previous Positions: Engineering manager for Matechet Ma’ayan, Engineer for IDC, and Technical Manager for the company’s Innovative Technologies Department (in Russia).
Iris Pisha,Quality Assurance Manager
Education: BSc Materials Science &Engineering.
Previous Positions: Chief Technologists and Quality Control Manager at the Cabiran Company production plant, member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ).