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Company’s profile

Shtula Metal-G was established in 1969 by Shimshon Hatan in the Shtula Village, in the Western Galilee. Over the years, the company grew and developed by investing in infrastructure, advanced equipment, and a professional and experienced staff. The company soon garnered valuable experience and a sound reputation, and established itself as a reliable, professional, and high quality provider to its clients in Israel and overseas.

Shtula Metal-G specializes in the provision of comprehensive solutions in the metalwork field. These include design, production of parts, and product integration. Shtula Metal-G's products are made from metal and/or composite materials for the aviation industries, as well as for the defense industry and the civilian market in Israel and overseas. The company’s clients include Israel Aerospace Industries, Ramta Ltd., the Ministry of Defense, Plasan Sasa, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Israel Railways, Israel Electric Corporation, Tnuva, Solel, Spirit, and others.

Shtula Metal-G currently employs a staff of over 100 workers, and operates in two separate sites in Israel:

Shtula Industrial Zone – The company’s headquarters and machining plant covers an area of 10,000 m2, and features five-axis CNC machining centers that enable high-precision fabrication of parts up to 4.5x4 m, as well as the requisite measuring equipment.
The Goren Industrial Zone – A construction and assembly facility that covers an area of 12,000m2, and features state-of-the-art robotic welding machines, bending and pressing equipment, and assembly lines.

As part of its commitment to the provision of high quality, creative solutions, Shtula Metal-G utilizes an advanced methodology to ensure quality management throughout the entire supply chain. The company’s suppliers are meticulously selected, and are each committed to quality management of the highest caliber. Shtula Metal-G employs an ERP system, which offers online tracking and control capabilities, allowing for responses in real time.

The company’s engineering department features advanced engineering tools – including a variety of design software such as Catia, Solid Works, and Cimatron – which enable the company to support and accompany its clients from the earliest phases of product planning.

Shtula Metal-G's quality control system, which employs advanced methods and utilizes state-of-the-art measurement tools, ensures adherence to the client’s specifications and standards. The company implements a "lean" management system, and consistently works to improve its processes and execution in accordance with the highest standards.